For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words

When I get a new client or talk about training with another trainer there are often a lot of labels used. I myself use labels to help reframe a guardian’s mindset. I hear words tossed around like: dominant submissive stubborn spiteful vengeful rude pushy dumb smart over excited While I have a general idea of Read more about For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words[…]

6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park

So as a dog trainer, I generally avoid dog parks. However, last week we had a visitor, Cooper who is a 7 month old mutt who enjoys other dogs and needed the extra play time, so we went. I left my older more refined dog at home with the husband and the 2 year old Read more about 6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park[…]

Day 18: Go To Mat

To finish yesterday’s topic, what my favorite two behaviors are, today’s topic is teaching Go To Mat! Ultimately, hand targeting brings the dog close to you so you may maneuver him where you’d like to and Go To Mat gets your dog away from you. What is It: Your dog runs to a mat and Read more about Day 18: Go To Mat[…]

Day 13: Jumping Beans

My 4 month old daughter loves it when we help her dance to Shake my Sillies Out. There is one line that encourages her to “Jump your Jiggles out”. This is great for kids but not so great for the canine family member. It’s not so much fun to be the object your dog jumps his Read more about Day 13: Jumping Beans[…]