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Building Autonomy with Trust

I was scanning thru some videos on Facebook the recently and because I’m a parent and a dog trainer my feed is usually split between dogs, and babies. Sometimes, I come across some stuff that, unbeknownst to the creator or poster, I apply to both dogs and kids. I came across a short story from Read more about Building Autonomy with Trust[…]

Recovery and Deloading in Dog Training

When training any animal dog, cat, horse, child… athlete, it’s easy to focus on progress for days, weeks, months and years. We often forget that as we progress with particular behaviors the training doesn’t get any easier for the learner. Quite the opposite, criteria become more complex even though the foundation of the behavior is Read more about Recovery and Deloading in Dog Training[…]

For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words

When I get a new client or talk about training with another trainer there are often a lot of labels used. I myself use labels to help reframe a guardian’s mindset. I hear words tossed around like: dominant submissive stubborn spiteful vengeful rude pushy dumb smart over excited While I have a general idea of Read more about For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words[…]

Trainer Transparency: Training a Fearful Dog

Trainer Transparency: As a dog trainer myself, I think it’s really important to be transparent in how you train. There are a lot of labels for dog trainers out there: balanced, traditional, positive reinforcement, purely positive, force free, etc. I don’t like to identify with any of them, mostly because I don’t want to box Read more about Trainer Transparency: Training a Fearful Dog[…]