The World Series gone to the dogs?

While watching the World Series I’m realizing just how intricate the game of baseball actually is. It’s a delicate balance of physical skill, timing, and strategy. How different is dog training really? Sometimes, a lot, sometimes it’s a pretty good metaphor. So humor me, and perhaps this will help you to make some associations that Read more about The World Series gone to the dogs?[…]

Clicker Training: What’s the Big Deal?

10 Reasons to use Clicker Training If you’re visiting this website you’ve probably heard about clicker training. In August of 2010, I finished a six month intensive program with the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior which focuses on animal training using scientifically proven methods. In this program we learned about many different Read more about Clicker Training: What’s the Big Deal?[…]

A New Dog – Your Staff

From the day you bring your dog home, there will be professionals who will be involved in you and your dog’s life. Some of the professionals below may be in your life for a while, some intermittently, and some not at all. I will tell you that Evey, my dog, has had some attention from Read more about A New Dog – Your Staff[…]

A New Dog – What you need and why

So many times I get phone calls from new dog owners with problem behaviors that could easily be helped by using some very simple products from the moment they bring the dog home. The Bare Necessities: This is what you must have if you have a dog at home. However, there is much more that Read more about A New Dog – What you need and why[…]