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Think of Day Training like Board and Train without having to send your pup away from home! Whether you’re super busy or you just want your dog to be professionally trained, in home day training is a great option for you. You don’t even have to be home, although you are more than welcome to watch as well.

In Home Day Training is available in packages. Each package includes the 90 minute initial onsultation, 3 – 30 minute dog only training sessions per week, and an additional weekly follow up session.

In the Initial Consultation, I’ll sit down with you and discuss your goals and what you would like your dog to learn. I’ll also meet your dog to learn more about what makes him tick. After the initial consultation, I’ll develop a personalized training plan that I’ll begin to implement at the first 30 minute training session.

During training sessions, your dog and I will work together so he can learn the behaviors he’ll need to reach your goals. I’ll keep notes to make sure that I’m seeing progress with the skills your dog is learning. I’ll also use those notes to update you weekly. Additionally, your dog will get a short walk to potty and for some physical exercise so you won’t need a dog walker or bring your dog to day care on days that we’ll be training.

Every week I’ll meet with you and show you what your dog has been learning. I’ll also teach you how to maintain the behaviors your dog is learning in his training sessions.


Core Fundamentals Package: 2 Week Option: $400 – Includes 90 minute Initial Consultation, 6 – 30 minute training sessions over 2 weeks and 2 Weekly Follow Up Sessions (approximately 45 minutes each) to show you all the great things your dog has learned. This option is best for teaching basic cues and skills such as; sit, down, hand targeting, go to mat, and the beginning of stay, come, and loose leash walking. This package includes 9 sessions total with a total package value of $447.50 – 10% discount on package.

Core Plus Package: 4 Week Option: $665 – Includes 90 minute Initial Consultation, 12 – 30 minute training sessions over 4 weeks and 4 Follow Up Sessions to keep you up to date on what your dog is learning. Follow Up Sessions are done at the end of each week. This package is best for building impulse control for door greetings as well as loose leash walking, come, and in-depth work on basic manners. This package includes 17 sessions total with a total package value of $785 – 15% discount on package.

Brilliant Canine Package: 6 Week Option: $895- Includes 90 minute Initial Consultation, 18 – 30 minute training sessions over 6 weeks and 6 Follow Up Sessions to ensure your dog continues to make progress and to maintain the new behaviors he is learning. Follow Up Sessions are done at the end of week #2, week #4, and week #6. This package is best for dogs that need work on behavioral issues such as dog reactivity, body handling, resource guarding, and reactivity to people (on a case by case basis), in addition to any dog you want to be brilliantly trained. This package includes 25 sessions total with a total package value of $1122.50 – 20% discount on package.

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Customized packages also available.