Day 24: Problem Behavior: Digging Solved

Plenty a dog has destroyed a backyard, gardens and even siding on the house. Sometimes dogs dig because they are bored and others because they enjoy finding things underground. The question is how do you get the dog to stop!? The first question is why is your dog digging. Is he hunting? Is he hot? Read more about Day 24: Problem Behavior: Digging Solved[…]

Day 15: SPORTS!

Wow, it’s day 15!!! Half way thru the month of November and our 30 day challenge to a better dog! Today, it’s time for some fun stuff. Inspired by an agility class I taught last night, it’s time to discuss how to deepen your relationship with your dog through canine sports. Canine sports are incredibly Read more about Day 15: SPORTS![…]

Day 14: TUG!

There are a lot of old wives tales in the doggie world. One of the most prevalent is that you shouldn’t play tug with your dog because it will make your dog aggressive or make your dog dominant. While tug does play with arousal levels and you may see some behaviors thought to be aggressive Read more about Day 14: TUG![…]