Recovery and Deloading in Dog Training

When training any animal dog, cat, horse, child… athlete, it’s easy to focus on progress for days, weeks, months and years. We often forget that as we progress with particular behaviors the training doesn’t get any easier for the learner. Quite the opposite, criteria become more complex even though the foundation of the behavior is Read more about Recovery and Deloading in Dog Training[…]

Trainer Transparency: Training a Fearful Dog

Trainer Transparency: As a dog trainer myself, I think it’s really important to be transparent in how you train. There are a lot of labels for dog trainers out there: balanced, traditional, positive reinforcement, purely positive, force free, etc. I don’t like to identify with any of them, mostly because I don’t want to box Read more about Trainer Transparency: Training a Fearful Dog[…]

Treats got you stumped? Try Beef Liver Loaf

Welcome to Amy’s cooking show! Who knew a dog trainer that can cook?! Ha! Being a reinforcement trainer I often get tired of buying treats in a store. It gets expensive and my dog doesn’t always like the same thing everyday. Not only that but everything (it seems) has chicken, duck, or turkey in it Read more about Treats got you stumped? Try Beef Liver Loaf[…]

Teaching a Chin Target

As my Evey Lynn has gotten older training has become a fun game to play without stressing her body. Don’t get me wrong she still loves a good romp but her body hates her later for it. We’ve been working on teaching a Chin Target lately. Honestly, this is something that I should have taught Read more about Teaching a Chin Target[…]