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We want to say Amy is a great trainer and we wholeheartedly recommend her. We have two German Shepherd dogs, Stella (8) and Ruby (2).  Stella is well trained and her biggest fault is jealousy of Ruby being with Diane.  Ruby is more than a little uncivilized, seems to have a lot of fear that causes bad behavior.  We worked with 2 trainers

Tom stretching out kinks in his back on the ball and Ruby joining along.

without much progress- then we started with Amy.  What a difference.  Some background, Diane has had GSDs for years and years and did some Agility training and earned Rally titles with Stella.  Stella is a ball hound and Diane could put Stella in a Stand Stay and whip balls by her with her holding the stay.  Tom earned UKC agility championships and an excellent championship with his old Spinone Italiano Cooper.

So we thought we had something of a clue.

Amy came out to the house and had a long interview with Diane and observed the interactions.  She then wrote up a really nice analysis for us.  That is one of her characteristics, written follow-ups that help reinforce what we had talked about.

So we hired her.  Her insight into what was going on was so helpful.  Things that don’t seem brilliant actually were.  A small example- used to reduce Stella’s jealousy of Ruby.  Announce Ruby’s name and give her a treat, pause and do the same thing with Stella.  The idea is to get Stella to associate hearing Ruby’s name with something good about to happen to her.

We are positive you will enjoy working with her.

Our pups aren’t angels yet but they’ve made a lot of progress.