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Before I started to work with Trust Your Dog Training I thought that I had a maniac dog who might turn vicious and felt helpless about trying to train her.

Since working with you have given us confidence that Rosie can improve, remember to make training fun for her, focus on the positive, throw the treat at her, when she cannot concentrate, keep training sessions short, learning about stacking triggers, the toy pole (cannot remember the name of it), running away towards a treat when a trigger is present,  specifics on distraction tactics, finding an open space where there is a minimum of triggers, and not walking with our other dogs for now.

You are the best trainer I’ve ever encountered.  You are above and beyond the most intuitive, educated and talented dog trainer ever.  I first learned this while taking agility classes from you. I continued taking classes from you not only because of your expertise, but the fun environment you created for all of us.  You are positive, non-judgemental, and make a difficult situation much less stressful.