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Living with McFly was difficult and close to impossible.  He needed things all the time. He needed long walks and stuff to do. He was content to sit outside on the patio waiting for something or some to enter his area so he could yell at them.  He was extremely reactive on walks and would banshee scream and lunge at other animals. His bubble was large (several football field lengths) I couldn’t crate him and he couldn’t be left home alone.   I had thought about sending him back to his breeder multiple time

I had been thinking about working with a trainer after my old one moved out of state. I was very apprehensive since I truly feel the last trainer I worked with made things worse or didn’t believe me that things were this bad. I had heard of you ( I can’t remember when or how I had heard about you originally). My friend Dani had met with you for a potential puppy buyer interview type thing. She encouraged me to talk to you after she had done a lot of leg work into your training and well personal life. She told me a story about how you thought/worked outside the normal dog trainer box to come up with solutions that worked for the individuals you were working with. You had several years of experience and I felt an immediate connection/liking for you. I felt you valued the years of personal experience and knowledge I have and didn’t devalue them.

Since I have started working with you I have a better understanding of how McFly thinks and works or functions. I also found the strength/courage to start medical management as well. The importance of routine for McFly is key to a happy terrier. We have also accomplished things like less reactivity on walks and less searching/seeking behaviors on walks with quicker recovery time and less severity in his reaction. He also now has a stronger understanding of a “place” behavior and a stronger just chill-out and hang around the home. I no longer consider sending him back to his breeder or at least it has been over a year since the last time I really considered it.