Teaching a Chin Target

As my Evey Lynn has gotten older training has become a fun game to play without stressing her body. Don’t get me wrong she still loves a good romp but her body hates her later for it.

We’ve been working on teaching a Chin Target lately. Honestly, this is something that I should have taught a long time ago. A solid and well trained chin target can be used to administer┬ávoluntary medical care as well as voluntary husbandry behaviors. This helps to reduce the stress of these, usually, unpleasant events and help to make them safer for the dog, groomer, veterinarian, vet technician and guardian.

Meet Cooper, this is his first session working on the chin target behavior. He already knows how to hand target so I’m using that to my advantage!

Evey Lynn below is working on some more advanced stages of the chin target behavior. I add a cue and then also start adding duration. You can see throughout the training that she’s happy and excited to be participating in the training. It’s important to keep that joy throughout the training process.

The more advanced stages of this behavior add distractions like body handling as well as medical proceedures. Check out Laura Monaco Torrelli and her amazing Santino!

Show me your chin rest behaviors!

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