Day 25: Taking Advantage of Mealtimes

Training with treats helps to solidify your relationship with your dog. Using all of the opportunities to treat your dog can make the process much more efficient and rewarding. A frequently missed opportunity to use “treats” is when you feed your dog. A bowl of kibble can contain hundreds of individual pieces. Filling a bowl Read more about Day 25: Taking Advantage of Mealtimes[…]

Day 15: SPORTS!

Wow, it’s day 15!!! Half way thru the month of November and our 30 day challenge to a better dog! Today, it’s time for some fun stuff. Inspired by an agility class I taught last night, it’s time to discuss how to deepen your relationship with your dog through canine sports. Canine sports are incredibly Read more about Day 15: SPORTS![…]

Day 7: Right on Cue

In the last two days you taught your dog two new tricks, the “head dip” and “get in the box”. However, if you followed the instructions, you’ve noticed that you haven’t been saying a word to your dog :-). How in the heck do you get them to do what you want, when you want Read more about Day 7: Right on Cue[…]

Day 6: Taking Shape

Yesterday, I told you how to capture a behavior that your dog already offers. What if you want your dog to do something that he wouldn’t naturally do? Well, this is where shaping comes in! When you are shaping a behavior you’re taking a behavior your dog already offers and then clicking for small approximations Read more about Day 6: Taking Shape[…]