Day 21: Working Thru Distractions

Dogs are often easily distracted. Distractions can range anywhere from an interest to something that is frightening to something that triggers an aggressive reaction. The training plan for today can help you teach your dog to trust you and that you are more fun/interesting than any distraction out there. The look at that game was Read more about Day 21: Working Thru Distractions[…]

Day 18: Go To Mat

To finish yesterday’s topic, what my favorite two behaviors are, today’s topic is teaching Go To Mat! Ultimately, hand targeting brings the dog close to you so you may maneuver him where you’d like to and Go To Mat gets your dog away from you. What is It: Your dog runs to a mat and Read more about Day 18: Go To Mat[…]

Day 17: Hand Targeting

A few years ago Evey and I were privileged enough to be photo/video demonstrators for another trainer’s interview. In that interview the trainer was asked, “What are the two most important behaviors to teach your dog?” That got me thinking. What two behaviors would I choose? Today I’m excited to introduce one of my two Read more about Day 17: Hand Targeting[…]