Day 14: TUG!

There are a lot of old wives tales in the doggie world. One of the most prevalent is that you shouldn’t play tug with your dog because it will make your dog aggressive or make your dog dominant. While tug does play with arousal levels and you may see some behaviors thought to be aggressive Read more about Day 14: TUG![…]

Day 13: Jumping Beans

My 4 month old daughter loves it when we help her dance to Shake my Sillies Out. There is one line that encourages her to “Jump your Jiggles out”. This is great for kids but not so great for the canine family member. It’s not so much fun to be the object your dog jumps his Read more about Day 13: Jumping Beans[…]

Day 12: Mother, May I?

A lot of dogs get pushy about taking treats and snagging food off of countertops. The dog sees the treat pouch and his nose instantly finds itself in the bag. Alternatively, you go to hand your dog a treat and find that your hand has disappeared into the black hole of your starving dog, there Read more about Day 12: Mother, May I?[…]