Scale Your Training

For those who know me, I like to exercise. Specifically, I like to CrossFit. I can usually be found in the gym 3-5 times a week and I’ve done so off and on for about 4 years now. Right now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with training your dog. A lot more Read more about Scale Your Training[…]

6 Steps to Solving Behavioral Problems In Dogs Without Losing Your Mind.

    As a member of several online forums there are often questions asked about solving behavioral problems. The questions about solving behavioral problems are usually phrased like this, “How to I get my dog to stop [insert problem behavior here]?” This is a very normal way for humans to see problems. However, when you’re Read more about 6 Steps to Solving Behavioral Problems In Dogs Without Losing Your Mind.[…]

Day 29: Training Success

In the dog training world we talk about this funny thing called thresholds. The saying goes, “Keep your dog under threshold”. Well for those of you who aren’t professional dog trainers, what is a threshold and how to you keep your dog under it?!!! Ok the threshold, in relation to training your dog, is the Read more about Day 29: Training Success[…]

Day 16: Barking

When I get called I often hear the complaint, “My dog barks”. Dogs bark for many different reasons which means that there are many different solutions to this common problem. The cause will dictate the solution for barking dogs. Boredom Some dogs bark out of boredom. These dogs are often backyard dogs and are left Read more about Day 16: Barking[…]

Day 13: Jumping Beans

My 4 month old daughter loves it when we help her dance to Shake my Sillies Out. There is one line that encourages her to “Jump your Jiggles out”. This is great for kids but not so great for the canine family member. It’s not so much fun to be the object your dog jumps his Read more about Day 13: Jumping Beans[…]