Day 16: Barking

When I get called I often hear the complaint, “My dog barks”. Dogs bark for many different reasons which means that there are many different solutions to this common problem. The cause will dictate the solution for barking dogs. Boredom Some dogs bark out of boredom. These dogs are often backyard dogs and are left Read more about Day 16: Barking[…]

Day 13: Jumping Beans

My 4 month old daughter loves it when we help her dance to Shake my Sillies Out. There is one line that encourages her to “Jump your Jiggles out”. This is great for kids but not so great for the canine family member. It’s not so much fun to be the object your dog jumps his Read more about Day 13: Jumping Beans[…]

Day 6: Taking Shape

Yesterday, I told you how to capture a behavior that your dog already offers. What if you want your dog to do something that he wouldn’t naturally do? Well, this is where shaping comes in! When you are shaping a behavior you’re taking a behavior your dog already offers and then clicking for small approximations Read more about Day 6: Taking Shape[…]

Day 5: Captured!

Okay so now you know all about reinforcement and timing. Do you still have that list of behaviors you saw your dog do in 10 minutes? Yay! Today’s exercise is about capturing a behavior. Capturing is one of the easiest ways to teach your dog a new behavior or trick. In order to capture a Read more about Day 5: Captured![…]

Day 4: Rate of Reinforcement

Do you have your list created? Good! I hope it was fun for you and your dog to experiment with activities, games and different foods. Yesterday I talked about reinforcement and I had mentioned keeping sessions short, 1-3 minutes before taking a break. If your sessions are short, how do you get enough repetition in Read more about Day 4: Rate of Reinforcement[…]