For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words

When I get a new client or talk about training with another trainer there are often a lot of labels used. I myself use labels to help reframe a guardian’s mindset. I hear words tossed around like: dominant submissive stubborn spiteful vengeful rude pushy dumb smart over excited While I have a general idea of Read more about For Best Training Results Stop Using These Words[…]

6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park

So as a dog trainer, I generally avoid dog parks. However, last week we had a visitor, Cooper who is a 7 month old mutt who enjoys other dogs and needed the extra play time, so we went. I left my older more refined dog at home with the husband and the 2 year old Read more about 6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park[…]

Day 29: Training Success

In the dog training world we talk about this funny thing called thresholds. The saying goes, “Keep your dog under threshold”. Well for those of you who aren’t professional dog trainers, what is a threshold and how to you keep your dog under it?!!! Ok the threshold, in relation to training your dog, is the Read more about Day 29: Training Success[…]

Day 20: Adult Dog Socialization

So yesterday I discussed the importance and how to socialize a puppy under 12 weeks of age. Obviously, dogs don’t stop learning after 12 weeks of age and you should still continue to socialize them. However, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind. After 12 weeks of age you should continue to Read more about Day 20: Adult Dog Socialization[…]