Day 27: Recall Rules


Does your dog have difficulty coming when called? The following rules are for you!

Big rewards build great Recalls

Choose a SUPER yummy treat you only use when you’re training your recall. (suggestions: cheese, rotisserie chicken, steak) Give your dog multiple treats upon arrival to you. Each treat should be delivered individually. If you deliver a handful of treats all at once your dog will learn to perform a “hit and run”. When you’re delivering the treats each separately, your dog has to stay with you for an extended period of time.

Never call your dog for something unpleasant!

Don’t call your dog with your recall word when you want to trim their nails, give them a bath or something else your dog finds less-than fun. If you do, your dog will think that every time you call her you’re going to do something unpleasant to them and they won’t come. Would You?

Only say “Come!” ONE TIME!

Repeating the cue only teaches the dog to ignore you or that it’s acceptable to come once they’re finished doing what they’re doing.

Don’t ask your dog to Come unless you are 100% positive that they will do it!

This is for training purposes. Set your dog up for success. In the beginning it’s important to start training in a low distraction environment such as in the home, before moving outside, before asking for a recall in the dog park. Also, don’t set your dog up in a situation that you know they can’t come. For instance, if your dog won’t come to you from other dogs, don’t take him hiking off leash in an area that is likely to have other dogs around. It’s not fair to the other dogs and you’re allowing your dog to practice ignoring you. Keep him on a leash until he’s more reliable.

Ensure that you can get your dog safely if they don’t come when called.

Train with your dog on a long line (a long leash or rope 15-30 feet long) with several knots tied in it to slow your dog down and for easy retrieval. A long line will ensure that your dog stays safe while working on coming a distance with distractions. Go get your dog if they don’t come to you.

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