Day 23: Just Relax Already!

Do you have a dog that is always on the go, super alert, or even reactive? Well, my friend, today is dedicated to you!

Often when we get our dog we are so focused on having a blast with him that we play and play and play all day long. All of this playing helps your dog to expend all of their energy but we forget that your dog needs down time too. Sometimes he needs some help learning how to just chill out even if there’s a ton of stuff going on. This is why I love Dr. Karen Overall’s Protocol for Relaxation.

Dr. Overall’s Protocol for Relaxation helps break down the steps of teaching your dog to relax into smaller pieces. Also, if you notice your dog is struggling with a step you can easily work just that step. While “The Protocol” is built to work on mannerly door greetings it is an essential foundation to any behavior modification program, as well. To make it easy to do you can listen to it online as you work thru the days with your dog.

I used “The Protocol” as a foundation to teach Evey to relax. Evey got so good she’d let a litter of kittens crawl all over her while chillin out!

Evey relaxes while the kittens play!

Evey relaxes while the kittens play!

Give “The Protocol” a shot with your dog and you won’t be upset with the results!

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