Day 22: Boredom Busters

When you leave your dog alone, and even when you’re around, there isn’t a lot for your dog to do. Your dog doesn’t pick up the house (wouldn’t that be nice), he doesn’t vaccume, he doesn’t even think to clean the toilet bowl (drinking out of it doesn’t count). So what does he do?

If you expect your dog to just sit around pineing for you, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Your dog wants to tear stuff up, chew on stuff, eat stuff, and run all over the place. If you don’t give him an outlet, that is worth his while, your cherished items are fair game.

Okay so what can you do?

Food dispensing toys

Stop feeding your dog from a bowl. It is far too easy for your dog to eat. Instead put their kibble in a food dispensing toy. There are a ton of different options for these toys all at various levels of difficulty. Ensure that your dog will safely eat out of these toys without eating the toy before you leave him alone with it. For some great eco friendly as well as pet friendly toys visit the store at Your Mannerly Mutt.


All natural, dried, animal parts such as Bully Sticks, Pigs Ears, Lambs Ears, and other items can keep your dog busy chewing something constructive while you’re gone. Before leaving your dog with a chewie make sure that he’s not going to eat it all at once and choke on it.

Day Care

Take your dog to day care. A good doggie day care provides appropriate socialization and monitors play well. Having this outlet won’t only give your dog exercise but it will get them out of your house and away from your treasured items while you’re away.

Dog Walker

A dog walker can give your dog a midday break from monotony as well as some exercise.

Dog Trainer

Some trainers will do board and train in their homes. Not only does this get your dog out of your house but it will also get your dog some needed training in manners or other life skills. Some other trainers will come to your home and train your dog during the day as well. This is called Day Training. The trainer acts like a dog walker but your dog also gets some additional training.

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