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Treats got you stumped? Try Beef Liver Loaf

Welcome to Amy’s cooking show! Who knew a dog trainer that can cook?! Ha! Being a reinforcement trainer I often get tired of buying treats in a store. It gets expensive and my dog doesn’t always like the same thing everyday. Not only that but everything (it seems) has chicken, duck, or turkey in it Read more about Treats got you stumped? Try Beef Liver Loaf[…]

6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park

So as a dog trainer, I generally avoid dog parks. However, last week we had a visitor, Cooper who is a 7 month old mutt who enjoys other dogs and needed the extra play time, so we went. I left my older more refined dog at home with the husband and the 2 year old Read more about 6 Things Dog Trainers Want to Scream at the Dog Park[…]

Teaching a Chin Target

As my Evey Lynn has gotten older training has become a fun game to play without stressing her body. Don’t get me wrong she still loves a good romp but her body hates her later for it. We’ve been working on teaching a Chin Target lately. Honestly, this is something that I should have taught Read more about Teaching a Chin Target[…]

Oops, she did it AGAIN!

Remember that post from last week? Yeah, the one about Evey getting into the trash can… Well, the following day I came home to this! Still not guilty… Although she did pee on the same paper towel she had the day before. Weirdo! It must have smelled like bacon or something. *rolls eyes* Okay so why Read more about Oops, she did it AGAIN![…]