Dogs and Kids: Part 3

Looks like I forgot to post this a while back… So things have been quite crazy around the Creaven household. After much difficulty and thought, we have decided that it’s time to travel for a bit. I know what your thinking, traveling with an infant almost toddler, what are they thinking? Truthfully, I don’t really Read more about Dogs and Kids: Part 3[…]

Dogs and Babies: Part 2

This is something that is very hard for me to write about because I’m so invested in it emotionally. However, I’ve decided that it’s more important that I share what I’m going thru and perhaps help someone else out than to be slightly embarrassed as a trainer and Mom. Things with dog and baby are Read more about Dogs and Babies: Part 2[…]

Dogs and Babies

It’s been awhile since my last post. I guess I’m just recovering from all of the non-stop blog writing. It could also be the fact that having a 5 month old keeps you on your toes. Or that the holidays are extremely taxing on your ability to get anything done. Oh, okay, it’s probably all Read more about Dogs and Babies[…]

Day 29: Training Success

In the dog training world we talk about this funny thing called thresholds. The saying goes, “Keep your dog under threshold”. Well for those of you who aren’t professional dog trainers, what is a threshold and how to you keep your dog under it?!!! Ok the threshold, in relation to training your dog, is the Read more about Day 29: Training Success[…]

Day 27: Recall Rules

Does your dog have difficulty coming when called? The following rules are for you! Big rewards build great Recalls Choose a SUPER yummy treat you only use when you’re training your recall. (suggestions: cheese, rotisserie chicken, steak) Give your dog multiple treats upon arrival to you. Each treat should be delivered individually. If you deliver Read more about Day 27: Recall Rules[…]