Day 25: Taking Advantage of Mealtimes

Training with treats helps to solidify your relationship with your dog. Using all of the opportunities to treat your dog can make the process much more efficient and rewarding. A frequently missed opportunity to use “treats” is when you feed your dog. A bowl of kibble can contain hundreds of individual pieces. Filling a bowl Read more about Day 25: Taking Advantage of Mealtimes[…]

Day 24: Problem Behavior: Digging Solved

Plenty a dog has destroyed a backyard, gardens and even siding on the house. Sometimes dogs dig because they are bored and others because they enjoy finding things underground. The question is how do you get the dog to stop!? The first question is why is your dog digging. Is he hunting? Is he hot? Read more about Day 24: Problem Behavior: Digging Solved[…]

Day 23: Just Relax Already!

Do you have a dog that is always on the go, super alert, or even reactive? Well, my friend, today is dedicated to you! Often when we get our dog we are so focused on having a blast with him that we play and play and play all day long. All of this playing helps Read more about Day 23: Just Relax Already![…]

Day 22: Boredom Busters

When you leave your dog alone, and even when you’re around, there isn’t a lot for your dog to do. Your dog doesn’t pick up the house (wouldn’t that be nice), he doesn’t vaccume, he doesn’t even think to clean the toilet bowl (drinking out of it doesn’t count). So what does he do? If Read more about Day 22: Boredom Busters[…]

Day 21: Working Thru Distractions

Dogs are often easily distracted. Distractions can range anywhere from an interest to something that is frightening to something that triggers an aggressive reaction. The training plan for today can help you teach your dog to trust you and that you are more fun/interesting than any distraction out there. The look at that game was Read more about Day 21: Working Thru Distractions[…]