Day 30: It’s the Last Day! AHHHH!

Today’s the last day of 30 days to a better dog! Can you believe it? Neither can I. My parting advice to you on your road to a better dog is: HAVE FUN! Training should be fun. It should be fun for you and it should be fun for your dog. If either of those Read more about Day 30: It’s the Last Day! AHHHH![…]

Day 29: Training Success

In the dog training world we talk about this funny thing called thresholds. The saying goes, “Keep your dog under threshold”. Well for those of you who aren’t professional dog trainers, what is a threshold and how to you keep your dog under it?!!! Ok the threshold, in relation to training your dog, is the Read more about Day 29: Training Success[…]

Day 27: Recall Rules

Does your dog have difficulty coming when called? The following rules are for you! Big rewards build great Recalls Choose a SUPER yummy treat you only use when you’re training your recall. (suggestions: cheese, rotisserie chicken, steak) Give your dog multiple treats upon arrival to you. Each treat should be delivered individually. If you deliver Read more about Day 27: Recall Rules[…]